US Evacuation Efforts Take Place in Sudan Amid Conflict

US Evacuation Efforts Take Place in Sudan Amid Conflict

( – The US has removed diplomatic staff from Sudan. However, there has been more confusion and struggle surrounding efforts to evacuate thousands of other US citizens amid conflict.

A security alert from last week showed the State Department claimed that “due to the uncertain security situation” in the area, it was unsafe for the US to attempt to create an evacuation plan for all private US citizens. It was estimated at the time that around 16,000 US citizens were still in Sudan.

However, on Sunday, April 30, news outlets reported that the US had started up an effort to relocate US citizens from Sudan using government organized convoys. According to ABC News, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said that the department was working with eligible Americans to get them to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where additional services would be available. As of Sunday, nearly 1,000 Americans had reportedly departed the country since the fighting started.

Recently, Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, has been a battlefield for violent paramilitary groups. The governments have taken vastly different approaches to help protect their citizens and personnel. Fox News reported that during the fighting, at least two US citizens lost their lives in Sudan.

The US was initially criticized for removing roughly 70 embassy staff in a helicopter mission last week while telling members of the US that there were no evacuation operations being carried out. The State Department has been providing those interested in fleeing information about how to attempt a border crossing, while also cautioning about traveling while the fighting continues.

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