US Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Ships

US Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Ships

( – Iran has been testing its limits with the Biden administration since a joint session of Congress certified the 2020 election results in early January. Its navy kicked off a short-range missile drill in the Gulf of Oman in mid-January. It followed up with a ground forces exercise the day before Biden’s inauguration.

In February, the United Nations Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran’s uranium production had violated the terms of the nuclear deal. By mid-April, Iran was enriching uranium to 60%, a near-weapons grade level.

On April 2, three fast-attack boats and a twin-hulled vessel operated by Iran’s paramilitary Islamic Revolutionary Guard harassed two US Coast Guard Cutters operating in the Persian Gulf for several hours.

Iran followed up with a similar effort on April 26, again using three fast-attack vessels. However, this time, the USS Firebolt fired warning shots at the Iranian boats, the first such incident in several years.

For some reason, the Biden administration keeps saying it wants to reenter the Iranian nuclear deal. Joe Biden even campaigned on it. Yet, can Iranian leaders truly be trusted? It’s high time the president started taking the Iranian threat seriously and returned to former President Donald Trump’s “America First” policies.

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