US FUGITIVE Reportedly in Custody – He’s in BIG Trouble!

UK Judge Determines Man on Trial Is US Fugitive

UK Judge Determines Man on Trial Is US Fugitive

( – A fugitive from the United States who authorities say faked his death reportedly turned up in Scotland in 2021. Authorities built a case to prove his identity after the defendant made outlandish claims to fight extradition to the US on rape charges. Now, a judge has weighed in, and the man could be on his way across the pond soon.

Authorities arrested Arthur Knight in December 2021 after Queen Elizabeth University Hospital staff noticed his tattoos matched those of alleged US rapist Nicholas Rossi. He was getting treatment for COVID-19 at the time.

The man said he was not the wanted criminal, claiming he was born in Ireland and was an orphan. News outlets report he claimed someone tattooed him while he was unconscious in the hospital to frame him.

During the police investigation, officials discovered Knight’s fingerprints matched Rossi’s. They also realized he had changed his identity multiple times. Authorities say his real name is Nicholas Alahverdian. The man had also posed as a cancer patient and used that ruse to fake his death. He published an obituary in February 2020, stating he died of cancer.

Judge Norman McFadyen ruled regarding his identity on November 11, saying he is the man the US wants to extradite. Alahverdian/Rossi will now go to an extradition hearing in March. He faces rape charges for an incident in Utah in 2008. A different person, referred to as Mary, who he was previously convicted of assaulting, spoke with the BBC, saying that she was glad to see people weren’t falling for his attempts to “fool everybody.”

The man also has a count of failing to register as a sex offender in Rhode Island and fraud charges in Ohio. According to the Providence Journal, his former foster mother previously stated he had fraudulently racked up around $200,000 in debt using credit cards and loans under her husband’s name.

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