US Governor Signs Law to Protect Second Amendment

US Governor Signs Law to Protect Second Amendment

( – You can often count on Democrats being consistent in the wake of mass shootings. Instead of waiting for the facts to come out, they start calling for tougher gun control measures. The stakes for law-abiding gun owners are higher than they’ve been for years with the Democrats controlling Washington DC — at least for now.

On Friday, April 23, Montana’s Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a new measure pushing back against future federal gun restrictions. The law prohibits law enforcement officials in the state from enforcing federal restrictions on ammunition, firearms, and magazines.

At least a dozen other state legislatures are working on laws preemptively blocking federal gun control measures. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signed a similar measure into law earlier this month.

Montana’s new law couldn’t have come at a better time. The Biden administration recently announced it was taking “six initial actions to address gun violence.”

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