US Lawmakers Advance Bill To Support Taiwan

US Lawmakers Advance Bill That Could Change Policy Toward Taiwan

US Lawmakers Advance MAJOR Bill – Good News For Taiwan?

( – The United States maintains a delicate relationship with Taiwan balanced precariously by its relationship with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). While the US supports the sovereign island and even provides it with defensive aid, it walks a fine line to assuage China, which claims the island. A recent move by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee might upend that careful balance.

The committee passed the Taiwan Policy Act on September 14 on a 17-5 vote. The measure is an enhancement of the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979. It would provide much-needed help in the face of increased Chinese aggression. Once enacted, it would provide $4.5 billion of military assistance and introduce sanctions against China if the larger nation launched an attack on the island.

Supporters say it will strengthen US-Taiwan ties and protect the smaller country. According to Politico, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) said a “military offensive” is coming if the US doesn’t expand its support for Taiwan.

There’s no guarantee the measure will become law. Sponsors are uncertain how best to move the legislation forward. If the legislation progresses as a standalone bill, it must receive approval from both chambers of Congress and President Joe Biden. The POTUS has expressed concerns it may alter the long-standing “One China” policy, alienating the PRC. One report from The South China Morning Post also suggested the move could prompt a negative response from China.

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