US Memorial Honoring Fallen Military Members Vandalized

US Memorial Honoring Fallen Military Members Vandalized

( – An ISIS-K suicide bomber killed 13 United States service members outside of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport on August 26. Controversy continues to surround the incident, with many blaming the Biden administration’s botched Afghan withdrawal and evacuation efforts. Sadly, an act of vandalism in Riverside, California has occurred amid the conflict.

The Los Angeles suburb residents created a memorial by placing 13 American flags and a Marine Corps flag on a chain link fence overlooking the 91 Freeway to commemorate the fallen service members, including 4 local Marines.

Members of a Facebook group called “What is Going on in Riverside County” subsequently contacted the Riverside Police Department to let them know someone vandalized the flags at an unknown time on Monday, September 6. According to police officials, it was obvious that someone intentionally damaged the flags.

Two unnamed citizens carefully removed the flags and turned them over to a local Boy Scout troop for a proper retirement ceremony.

Local citizens quickly set up three new memorials overlooking the freeway to replace the vandalized flags. Riverside resident Sal Garnica told CBS Los Angeles that community members wanted to show that they weren’t the vandals.

The Riverside police officers investigating the incident don’t yet have a description of a suspect(s). The department is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact its property crime unit at (951) 353-7955.

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