US Officials Bolstering Training for Ukrainian Military

US Officials Bolstering Training for Ukrainian Military

U.S. Gives Major GIFT To Ukraine – Bad News For Russia!

( – Since 2015, US forces, mainly from the National Guard, have trained approximately 23,000 Ukrainians inside their homeland on how to fight. Just before Russia invaded Ukraine, the US pulled these trainers out of the nation and instead opted to provide monetary assistance and weapons to the country to defend itself. Yet, reports now show the US is training Ukrainians once again.

On April 18, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby told reporters US troops would soon be heading to Europe to “train the trainers” on using howitzers. He emphasized the process would take place outside of Ukraine, in Germany, and once the Ukrainians have completed their training, they will return to their homeland and train their peers.

The Hill shared more about this new development:

With this ramping up of support for Ukraine, Russia has warned the US about further involvement. However, it seems the Biden administration doesn’t fear Russia will escalate its current war as it already seems stretched too thin. Providing this tangible support to Ukrainian fighters could boost their morale and give them extra intel on the best tactics to use against Russian forces.

What do you think? Is our military making the right call by bolstering its training for Ukrainian forces during this uncertain time?

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