US Protesters Rise Up to Support People of Cuba

US Protesters Rise Up to Support People of Cuba

( – Cubans hit the street to protest the failures of decades of communist rule starting on Sunday, July 11. Their protests mark the highest level of civil unrest on the island nation in decades. Meanwhile, in the United States, things are starting to heat up as well.

On Tuesday, July 13, hundreds of Cuban-American protesters in Miami blocked a major expressway in a show of support for friends and families in Cuba. Fox News reported they are calling on President Biden to do more to support the Cuban people. One protester with a Cuban flag draped across his shoulders told reporters they were trying to end communism and “need Biden’s support.”

So far, the Biden administration has remained relatively quiet about the protests. Biden issued a press release on July 12 stating that the United States stands behind the Cuban people. He went on to praise the protesters’ courage and calls for freedom and liberty. However, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the following day that the US would not accept any Cuban refugees.

“Allow me to be clear,” he stated. “If you take to the sea,” the United States won’t welcome you to its shores. He did say that anyone with a verifiable safety concern would be “referred” to “third-party” nations for “resettlement.” But, it remains unclear which countries might be involved or if any other nations have agreed to such an arrangement.

For now, it appears the Biden administration’s official policy is to deny entry to the country to refugees arriving by sea who fear for their lives. At the same time, officials seem content to let migrants flood across the nation’s southern border ‘in search of a better life.’

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