US Reportedly Withholding Some Funds From Egypt

US Reportedly Withholding Some Funds From Egypt

US Government WITHHOLDS Funding – Here’s Why

( – The United States typically supplies Egypt with annual financial assistance as a diplomatic partner. After a 2021 hold on funding, the US State Department issued a ruling this year to continue withholding a $130 million portion of financing due to concerns over human rights abuses in the nation. Despite this decision, the valued ally will still receive approximately $170 million in discretionary aid from the US.

According to State Department spokesman Ned Price, Secretary Antony Blinken has discretionary power over $130 million of $225 million allocated for Foreign Military Financing (FMF) subject to the nation’s compliance on a broad range of human rights issues. The State Department must report progress on these issues to Congress each year.

Yet, Blinken can invoke his national interest waiver to allocate the total amount of funding if it’s tactically advantageous to America, even when the Middle Eastern nation hasn’t met specific human rights goals. The Secretary chose not to invoke his waiver.

In November 2021, the Biden administration also froze the aid, insisting the country comply with requests to stop human rights violations against vulnerable populations and journalists. Following a review, the State Department determined the nation failed to take adequate steps, resulting in the decision to withhold $130 million in FMF.

Still, the US will send $75 million in recognition of the progress leaders have made in freeing political prisoners and $95 million to ensure safe borders and protect against terrorism. In total, annual assistance to Egypt equals $1.3 billion, but the US only ties $300 million to human rights-related incentives, and the withholding essentially amounts to a 10% penalty.

Do you think the Biden administration is making its point with Egypt? If the State Department pushes harder, will it risk jeopardizing a stable Middle Eastern alliance?

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