US Senator HOSPITALIZED – Here’s What We Know

Longest Serving Senator Hospitalized

Longest Serving Senator Hospitalized

( – Some Congressmen work their way up political ladders from state or local positions, spending a lifetime in politics serving their fellow citizens. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) currently maintains the honor of serving as the longest-sitting senator. He will have represented his state for 48 years come next January. However, the venerable politician was suddenly hospitalized this past week.

On Thursday, October 13, Leahy spent the night in the hospital under observation after feeling unwell. He’s not seeking reelection in November, but he does hope to complete his final term, which ends in January.

The senator, third in line for the presidency as Senate pro tem, was also hospitalized in 2021 for an illness and again after he broke his hip back in late June. A statement released at the time cited his “lifelong struggle with reduced depth perception.”

Moving forward, Leahy’s office promised to provide Americans with “updates as warranted” about the senior senator’s condition, according to POLITICO. The Senate is reportedly having a recess until after the midterm elections, giving the lawmaker a few weeks to recover before he must head back to Washington.

Leahy’s office provided few details about his hospital stay, other than that he spent an “uneventful” night there for “tests and observation.” According to a statement, he was discharged on October 14 and set to head to Vermont the following day. News outlets reported on October 17 that Leahy blocked military aid for Egypt, citing human rights concerns.

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