US Singer DEAD – Loved Ones in Mourning!

US Singer, Songwriter Mourned After Death

US Singer, Songwriter Mourned After Death

( – The “I Want Candy” singer and songwriter Aaron Carter has passed away. A housekeeper of the brother to one of the Backstreet Boys, a famous 1990s boy band, found the 34-year-old man deceased in his bathtub at his home in Lancaster, California. Now, others are mourning the loss.

On Saturday, November 5, an employee at the house began yelling, “he’s dead, he’s dead,” after finding the celebrity unresponsive in his bathroom. While many know Aaron Carter for the songs he recorded as a child and his teenage relationship with Hilary Duff, his family knew him for his intense drug addiction and struggles with mental illness. He has repeatedly been in and out of rehab, including one this fall, which he attended trying to regain custody of his infant son, Prince.

Authorities have not yet revealed Carter’s cause of death.

Despite their troubled relationship, which included a restraining order Nick took out against his younger brother, the Backstreet Boys singer declared on Instagram that his “love for him has never faded.” He called Aaron’s mental illness and addiction “the real villain.” Duff, his ex-girlfriend, called Carter’s charm “absolutely effervescent” on Instagram, noting that she loved him “deeply” as a teenager.

Carter’s fiancée, Melanie Martin, also spoke out about his death, telling People Magazine she “tried everything to help him.” She said she wasn’t able to provide the support he needed, but added that she had to “be strong” for their son.

Carter’s family and friends will seek closure and healing while the coroner investigates this death.

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