US Takes Historic Action on Mars

US Takes Historic Action on Mars

( – America’s space program has accomplished a lot more than just sending vessels into outer space. It has also come up with dozens of inventions used daily by people on Planet Earth. We wouldn’t have infrared ear thermometers, wireless headsets, or memory foam without the scientists at NASA.

In another historic first, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter completed the first controlled, powered flight on another planet on April 19.

According to NASA officials, the solar-powered aircraft climbed to its planned maximum altitude of 10 feet for a total of 39.1 seconds. Of particular note, the helicopter flew without any human assistance. It used onboard navigation, guidance, and control systems. Due to the distance between Earth and Mars, humans using a joystick cannot control Ingenuity.

This accomplishment is a huge feat that could pave the way for new successes in the nation’s space program. Like other NASA inventions, the technology behind the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter could also have significant applications on earth in the not-so-distant future.

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