US To Seek EXTRADITION – They Want Him Moved!

US Wants To Extradite UK Man Facing Charges

US Wants To Extradite UK Man Facing Charges

( – Many nations globally imposed sanctions on various Russian oligarchs attempting to pressure President Vladimir Putin to cease his war in Ukraine. By extension, the US government will move to extradite a United Kingdom (UK) businessman who purportedly helped a wealthy Russian manage his properties and evade sanctions.

On Tuesday, October 11, the DOJ announced that authorities in the UK arrested businessman Graham Bonham-Carter, 62, for conspiracy to violate sanctions and wire fraud involving the Russian billionaire Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska. Bonham-Carter, the cousin of actress Helena Bonham-Carter, allegedly helped Deripaska move his artwork from New York City to London and managed three real-estate ventures for the oligarch.

Bonham-Carter has worked for various businesses connected to the prominent Russian, who’s had ties to Putin since the summer of 2003. This March, the UK sanctioned Deripaska and froze some of Bonham-Carter’s bank accounts based on his connection to him. He’s now facing a three-count indictment, which could earn him up to 20 years in prison. He’s currently out on bail as he awaits his next court date.

Deripaska owns an aluminum and precious metals company, which has placed him close to Putin and provided him with enormous wealth. As governments begin to crack down on those who help Putin’s close friends like Deripaska, could support for the Russian war in Ukraine continue to fade?

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