US Veteran DEAD – Heartbreaking Details Revealed

US Veteran Reportedly Dies After Sustaining Injuries in Ukraine

US Veteran Reportedly Dies After Sustaining Injuries in Ukraine

( – After Russia invaded Ukraine, soldiers from around the world volunteered to defend the nation, donning their combat gear, flying to the country, and fighting off the invaders. However, as always happens on the frontlines of war, many have died, including an Idaho veteran who was just 34 years old.

On Tuesday, October 11, Dane Partridge reportedly passed away after remaining on life support since an October 3 tank attack when shrapnel hit him. The Army veteran was fighting in Luhansk when his unit came under fire. After the incident, authorities transported him to a hospital in Kyiv, where he eventually succumbed to his injuries. According to ABC7 Chicago, his body was on its way back from Ukraine as of October 15.

Partridge previously fought in Iraq between 2007 to 2009 and, according to his sister, felt a spiritual calling to fight for Ukraine’s freedom. The soldier, known by his call sign “Bird,” left behind his wife and five children.

His sister, Jenny Partridge Corry, posted the devastating news on Facebook, remembering her sibling as “always good for a joke, witty banter and the occasional serious conversation.” She also reportedly told CNN that he felt the strong need to serve and that he believed he was “fighting for a noble cause.” His parents, proud of their son, said they’d never seen him happier than when he fought and saved others in Ukraine.

This man numbers among several US citizens who have given their lives for Ukraine, adding to the war’s losses.

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