US Veteran Reportedly Rescues People Targeted by Taliban

US Veteran Reportedly Rescues People Targeted by Taliban

( – Biden administration officials not only botched the August withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan, but they also abandoned an unknown number of American citizens and at-risk Afghan nationals. A recent report detailed the efforts of a United States veteran to rescue people targeted by the Taliban.

On Friday, October 29, Fox News reported that the former US Army staff sergeant, an Afghan national, related he returned to the war-torn country to rescue family members. Fox withheld his identity to protect him and his remaining family.

The veteran traveled to Pakistan in September and crossed the border into Afghanistan. After safely transporting family members out of the country, he said he decided to return to help other at-risk individuals, like Christians, escape the tyranny of the Taliban. For instance, he said he rescued a Christian family of 10, some recent converts to Catholicism, and Hazara minorities.

He told Fox News US officials claim no American soldiers remain in Afghanistan, “but I’m here,” he stated, and he plans to help others “as long as it takes.” Continuing, the veteran explained he took an oath when he joined the Army, and he’ll never forget that solemn vow.

Sadly, the veteran explained Taliban troops lashed him seven times on his back after they caught him returning to Afghanistan after helping some Catholics escape. However, he said it would have been worse had they known he had helped a Catholic family leave the country.

During his inaugural address, President Joe Biden highlighted the his “sacred oath” to defend America and work for the common good. Perhaps it’s time for him to replace those words with action.

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