Veteran DIES Unexpectedly – He’s Gone!

Veteran Dead After Emergency on Disney World Attraction

Veteran Dead After Medical Emergency on Disney World Attraction

( – Theme parks are generally known for their entertainment, but sometimes things go wrong. One retired Army National Guard Captain spent his last day at Disney World, enjoying the happiest place on earth. He passed away after experiencing a heart attack while riding the PeopleMover attraction this fall.

On September 25, Joseph Masters, 83, of Palm Coast, Florida, was riding the Disney tram through Tomorrowland when he passed out. His wife, Alice Masters, called for help, and park emergency responders began CPR when the ride ended. They brought him to a hospital, but doctors pronounced him dead early that evening.

Masters had a pacemaker and suffered from hypertension and diabetes. A large artery blockage led to the heart attack, which doctors deemed a natural cause. According to his obituary, Masters also worked as a foreman for a theatrical lighting company and loved visiting Disney World with his family.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Alice says she now lets people know he died in “his happy place,” thanks to his love for Disney. Meanwhile, the Palm Coast Volunteer Fire Rescue paid tribute to Masters on Facebook in early October. They praised him for “six decades of service to the fire service, and twenty years here in Palm Coast.” They also called him a “kind-hearted soul.”

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