Views on Biden’s Foreign Policy Decreasing

Views on Biden's Foreign Policy Decreasing

( – During their time in office, presidents undergo considerable scrutiny in the form of polls assessing their performance on nearly every platform. It’s no secret President Joe Biden’s general approval rating has tanked since he stepped into the Oval Office, but now his performance in one specific area is sinking, too.

A recent Gallup poll took stock of how people view the commander-in-chief regarding his ability to conduct foreign policy. Currently, his approval rating sits at 40% in this area, but digging a little deeper, even fewer voters — only 36% — approve of his handling of the Russia situation.

The results, of course, split along party lines as 71% of Democrats approve of Biden’s foreign policy, but only 64% approve of the situation with Russia. Independents come in a lot lower, with only 35% supporting his handling of the Kremlin, while 11% of Republicans approve of the same. It appears even Democrats are fed up with his botched handling of foreign policy, as Biden’s approval numbers continue to decline among his own party.

However, these results are notably from a survey conducted between February 1-17, prior to Russia’s military escalation on Ukraine’s border and subsequent invasion. Recently, the GOP has been calling Biden’s actions weak and demanding he do more to stand up to the Kremlin. Future polls may provide more insight into how America perceives Biden’s actions following Russia’s escalation.

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