Violence ERUPTS – Halloween Turns Dangerous!

Violence Erupts in US Over Halloween Weekend

Violent Incidents Break Out in US Cities on Halloween

( – Halloween should be a fun and exciting night when children scamper around neighborhoods collecting candy, and people hold dress-up parties. While some costumes may be scary, real terror shouldn’t be a part of the equation. Unfortunately, the spooky holiday turned deadly for some as violence erupted across the country.

In Chicago, a drive-by shooting on Halloween night claimed 14 victims, including three children. By November 1, there had been no reports of deaths from the incident, but some injured remained hospitalized. People were at Garfield Park for a vigil when at least two suspects drove up and started firing at the crowd. Officials said the motive is unclear, and they continue to search for those responsible.

The video below discusses a few other notable incidents:

Another shooting occurred in Kansas City, Kansas, where up to 100 teens had gathered for a party. Others who didn’t have an invitation to the private party showed up and became violent when the hosts asked them to leave. They killed one person and injured at least six others. Authorities are still investigating.

While multiple shootings made headlines on Halloween night, there was also some violence over the weekend. For example, an October 30 Halloween party in Brooklyn, New York was interrupted by a man who started shooting. According to reports, a man was killed and a woman was injured. Meanwhile, two were killed and two others injured at a Sunday Halloween party in Covina, California. On Wednesday, police revealed they identified two suspects in the crime.

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