Violent Crime Soars Over 4th of July Weekend

Violent Crime Soars Over 4th of July Weekend

( – The nation continues to suffer the ongoing impact of more than a year of nationwide protests and calls to “defund the police.” Police departments across the country are facing staffing shortages due to massive numbers of officer retirements and resignations.

Figures tracked by the Gun Violence Archive over the Fourth of July weekend show at least 150 people were killed in more than 400 shootings from Friday, July 2, to Monday, July 5. Fox News reviewed some of those figures and broke them down by locality.

About 100 individuals suffered gunshot wounds in Chicago over the holiday weekend, with at least 18 dying from their injuries. Sadly, the Chicago Police Department reported it had no suspects in custody in connection with those incidents. At least 26 individuals were shot in New York City over the weekend. Meanwhile, Cleveland media reported 11 people were shooting victims within a 5-hour period from late-night Sunday to early-morning Monday.

Sadly, elevated levels of gun violence are not limited to holidays. Preliminary data recently released by the FBI shows an increase of 25% in the rate of murders nationwide in 2020. Equally alarming, the homicide rate in several larger US cities is 17% higher year-to-date as of July 6, 2021, according to tracking company DataAnalytics.

Official government statistics for 2020 haven’t been compiled yet, nor have figures for the first part of 2021. Although there is no way to draw a correlation between gun violence and calls to defund the police, it’s possible that the situation isn’t helping matters.

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