Washington Post Corrects Article That Targeted Wuhan Lab Theory

Washington Post Corrects Article That Targeted Wuhan Lab Theory

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Washington Post relentlessly mocked Kellyanne Conway’s January 2017 use of the term “alternative facts” for years. As it turns out, while Conway may have brought up the subject of “alternative facts,” The Washington Post has actually been publishing them.

The notoriously left-leaning journal recently walked back a February 2020 article that lashed out at Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) for promoting what it called a “conspiracy theory.” The publication reworded the headline to “fringe theory,” and posted a correction admitting it “inaccurately characterized” Cotton’s comments. The theory in question focused on Cotton’s call for authorities to look into the possible connection between a Wuhan, China, lab and the origins of COVID-19.

Cotton said there wasn’t any evidence the virus originated there. However, the matter was worth looking into due to China’s “duplicity and dishonesty” about the origins of the coronavirus.

In light of recent revelations that the pandemic could have originated in a Wuhan lab, The Washington Post removed the use of “debunked” and “conspiracy” theory in the article’s title.

The Washington Post accused Conway of choosing fiction “over truth and logic.” It appears that Sen. Cotton may have known exactly what he was talking about, and his concern about the origins of COVID-19 may turn out to be true. It’s clear his assessment was logical all along.

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