Waste Management Facility Has Collected Millions in Thrown Out Change

Photo by Kevin Butz on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – A waste management facility in Pennsylvania has managed to collect $10 million in tossed-out coins since its original inception. 

Director of Ash Processing at Reworld Rebecca Guardino stated that what their facility had was a “series of assorted materials.” She spoke with Fox Business’ Jeff Flock while going through a bin at the facility earlier this month. She added that normally, what they get are quarter-sized particles, but that occasionally they do end up with a “little bit of hardware.”

Flock traveled to the facility to look at the operations in real-time and was given a walk around the building, where he got to see the machines sifting through all the trash and getting the coins to fall through round holes. From there, the coins would be sorted into bins. 

Once the sorting process is completed, there is a washing station that cleans up the coins, and then they are dried. 

As Guardino explained, this process lets them sort through the coins and find which ones are in poor or good condition. It also allows them to see the “denominations” they are mostly handling.

Reworld’s estimations show that in the United States, people toss out around $68 million in change every year. In this sorting facility, the buckets collect dimes, nickels, quarters, and even pennies.

A report on the company from The Wall Street Journal stated that the collection process for the company started in 2017 after it began finding a large number of coins in the garbage. However, only about $6 million of the $10 million in coins gathered have been in decent enough condition to hand over to other parties.

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