What 2020 Taught Us About Bail Reform

What 2020 Taught Us About Bail Reform

(ConservativeHub.com) – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the penal and justice systems need reform. Defunding the very people paid to protect us is something only a Liberal would call a real solution. It goes hand in hand with ending cash bail, yet another failed program from Mayor Bill de Blasio. In fact, crime rates soared so severely under the guise of “reform” that one has to wonder if this mayor is simply the champion of criminals. The numbers are so staggering that they’re being referred to as “horrifying stats.”

If any local leader were to look for a way to destroy their city, they would need to look no further than what has become of NYC under Bill de Blasio’s terrifying reign. As of November, crime is up 112%, with homicides alone up 38%.

But De Blasio is proud of his city because many arrests were made concerning gun crimes and confiscation. So, guns were taken, but people got out of jail without bail, and, not surprisingly at all, crime rates rose to astronomical numbers. What we learned about bail reform this year is releasing those charged with crimes with no bail at all isn’t the answer. As far as the guns, it almost seems like guns aren’t responsible for the crime waves, but criminals are.


Is Bail the Real Issue?

Should economic issues be considered when coming up with realistic bail numbers? Under some circumstances, maybe. But let’s not forget the very thing these Liberal agendas lead to the abandonment of: personal responsibility. There should be a price to pay for committing a crime, and criminals should be aware of it and have to abide by it, lest they face immediate release right back into the community they violated.

Let’s not forget the purpose of bail, to begin with. Usually, the person charged only has to pay 10% of the full bond, so a $1,000 bond only requires them to pay $100, unless it’s a cash bond. Locales use the money differently; some of that bail might be used toward court costs, fines, or refunded. But if you don’t show up for court, you owe the full bond. It serves as a major deterrent for those who might otherwise skip out.

Perhaps the issue of bail reform isn’t really where we need to focus. Maybe more emphasis on things like the family unit, God, and personal responsibility would go much further in preventing crime than any alteration of the bail system.

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