What It Means to Be Conservative In Today’s Society

What It Means to Be Conservative In Today's Society

(ConservativeHub.com) – What does it mean to be a Conservative in 2020? A large percentage of Americans would happily describe themselves as Conservatives if asked today, but individuals within this group might hold considerably different viewpoints on given issues. Like liberalism, conservatism is a broad church.

However, there are some general characteristics of the conservative worldview. It’s worth exploring these in detail to see how closely they reflect your own personal beliefs.

Social Conservatism

Conservatives believe in traditional family values. They support the idea of the nuclear family (two parents and their children) and the institution of marriage.

In 21st-Century America, divorce rates are high and absentee parents are common. Abortion, which social Conservatives oppose, is also steadily becoming more normalized. Social conservatism is, therefore, frequently up for debate in America nowadays.

Moral Conservatism

Moral Conservatives in America usually use the Bible as their chief source of guidance. Different Christian churches interpret the Bible differently, but there are some overarching principles that remain consistent.

Authority is perhaps the key aspect of this. Conservatives usually place a lot of importance on law and order and favor firm punishment for those who do not. This is why the death penalty is more common in areas with a dominant Conservative population.

Hierarchy is another important element of moral conservatism. This is the belief that those who use ingenuity and hard work to be productive should be rewarded in proportion to their contribution. This ties in with economic conservatism, which favors limited social welfare for those who do not work.

Political Conservatism

In simple terms, political Conservatives in America are those who vote Republican, or run for office on a Republican ticket. While some third parties represent conservative points of view, the Republican party is the mainstream political group.

Economic Conservatism

Those who lean to the right in today’s political world usually subscribe to an economic theory called neoliberalism. This means they think private businesses should be allowed to operate with as little regulation and taxation as possible. Free of government interference, market players can compete openly and the best products and services reach consumers for affordable prices.

As noted above, economic conservatism also favors keeping social benefits low. This ties in with a policy of low taxes; the theory is that those who work hard should not have to distribute their rewards to those who do not.

The Modern-Day Conservative

As you can see, conservatism is not easy to pin down. Even political candidates who lean far to the Right might completely disagree with some of the viewpoints mentioned here.

This is because a broad ideology will never be suitable for deciding a stance on a specific issue. While “conservative” is a useful shorthand term to describe a politician’s general leanings, you should always look into their policies in detail before voting for them.

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