Which Plants Should You Be Growing to Supplement Your Food Supply

(ConservativeHub.com) – There’s something liberating about growing your own food. Anyone can do it, whether you’re a hobbyist or wanting to become more self-sufficient. With so many plants to choose from, what do you go with? Here’s a list of essential and beginner-friendly plants to start with.


Beans are a staple in any garden. They’re hardy, easy to grow, and only require minimal upkeep. Some varieties of beans may need trellises for support as they grow, which can be as simple as placing a few sticks in the ground and tying the plant to it with twine.

You can regularly harvest beans as they’re growing for an easy snack, or you can wait for them to mature and start seeding. When that happens, you’ll need to shell the beans before eating them. They’re also an excellent source of protein.

Butternut Squash

Of all the varieties of squash, butternut is probably the easiest option to grow. Where other squashes are more susceptible to pests and diseases, this one is more resilient. They’re also very nutritious, easily making them a staple.

Ancient Grains

Including a grain in your garden is an excellent idea. Not only can you turn them into bread, they also serve as animal feed if you’re raising your own livestock. While there’s nothing wrong with corn and wheat, ancient grains outshine them in a number of ways.

Because ancient grains have been around for thousands of years, they’re very resilient and can grow in almost any soil. Additionally, they don’t need as many nutrients as other plants, making it much easier to sustain and maintain them over the years.

Ancient grains, like sorghum and amaranth, are also high on the protein-to-weight ratio, which is important if storage is an issue. They’re also gluten-free for those with allergies, though this means the bread they produce is flat. If you want fluffier bread, you can always mix in another grain like wheat.


This vegetable is a classic for a reason. Potatoes may lack in nutrition compared to other plants, but they make up for it in that they’re filling. They can easily supplement any dish, and they’re extremely easy to grow. Just make sure the potatoes stay below ground and aren’t exposed to sunlight until they’re ready for harvest, otherwise, they can turn poisonous.

This list was formed based on a combination of factors, mainly how easy the plants are to grow and their nutritional value. However, it’s hard to go wrong with growing any seed to add to your food supply.

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