White House Continues Airstrikes in Afghanistan Ahead of Pullout Deadline

White House Continues Airstrikes in Afghanistan Ahead of Pullout Deadline

(ConservativeHub.com) – Concerns about Afghanistan’s future are mounting as the United States continues its effort to withdraw all its remaining troops and support personnel from the country. President Joe Biden set a September 11 deadline for full withdrawal, and US forces are amping up some operations to facilitate that task, including bombing missions.

US-led airstrikes began in late July in hopes of buying Afghan security forces more time to establish adequate defense systems around the country’s major cities. However, some officials are raising concerns there isn’t enough time to complete that task by August 31, the date the Biden administration has set for ending combat missions.

White House and Defense Department officials claim US combat support in Afghanistan is in its final days. Biden himself says that starting in September, US forces will limit military engagements to counterterrorism efforts. The problem is that no one knows exactly how the administration plans to define “counterterrorism” regarding Afghanistan.

While most favor America’s final withdrawal from its longest war, there is some concern US military forces may not get the clean break from combat operations officials predicted. Biden has already extended the deadline for the troop pullout once. Will he do it again?

We will keep you updated on the withdrawal as more information becomes available.

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