White House Insists Hunter Biden’s Art Buyers Will Remain Anonymous

White House Insists Hunter Biden's Art Buyers Will Remain Anonymous

(ConservativeHub.com) – A scandal erupted in July after The Washington Post broke the story White House attorneys helped draft a legal agreement between a New York art gallery and Hunter Biden that intended to conceal the identity of purchasers of Biden’s paintings. The topic recently arose during a White House press briefing after reports emerged lawyers allegedly vetted potential buyers attending an upcoming auction.

On October 12, a reporter from the New York Post asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki if that represented a departure from the administration’s earlier position that purchasers would remain anonymous. Psaki responded the screening of attendees of the auction was up to the gallery. Continuing, she insisted the White House didn’t know and would not know the identity of anyone buying Hunter Biden’s paintings.

She added President Joe Biden “remains proud of his son” before dismissing the reporter’s follow-up question and moving on to other reporters’ inquiries, declaring there was “lots [of other things] going on in the world.”

The purchase of Hunter’s paintings has raised serious ethical concerns involving the possibility individuals could use inflated payouts for the paintings to gain influence over policy-making decisions within the White House.

Walter Shaub, former President Barack Obama’s ethics chief, echoed those concerns in a detailed Twitter thread. As he explained, the public has a right to receive answers to grave questions regarding the paintings’ purchasers. Shaub also pointed out the administration’s response would be much different if similar questions arose regarding former President Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, or Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Democrats love to campaign on promises to operate with complete transparency. Is it asking too much to expect them to keep their word?

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