White House Opposes Legislation That Would Force Israel Aid

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Monday, May 13, the White House expressed opposition to a House Republican bill, which is meant to put pressure on President Joe Biden to provide shipments of weapons aid to Israel.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed opposition to the House’s Israel Security Assistance Support Act, which received a vote in the House on Thursday. Lawmakers voted in favor of the bill, but it is not expected to do as well in the Senate. During a press briefing earlier in the week, Jean-Pierre said they were against this attempt to restrict the ability of the President to deploy security assistance in alignment with the country’s foreign policy.

She said that the U.S.’s objective is to ensure that all funds appropriated are used in accordance with “legal obligations,” including the national security supplemental that had been approved. Last week, Biden stated during a CNN interview that he would not be supplying any artillery shells or bombs to Israel if the country moved forward with its plans to invade Rafah. In Rafah, there are reportedly over a million refugees who relocated there after the fighting in northern Gaza broke out.

Earlier this month, the United States halted the bomb shipment to Israel as concerns about an invasion of Rafah grew. Officials have stated that the reason for this move is out of fear over the damage that the large bombs could cause in populated areas.

Following this decision, the House decided that they would vote on this Act which would ensure that defense articles are sent to Israel with “expeditious delivery” and condemns the federal administration’s choice to not supply Israel with the additional shipment. 

Despite misgivings from the Biden administration, it was revealed on Wednesday that the administration wants to send another $1 billion in weapons to Israel.

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