Winter Storm Takes Dozens of Lives Amid Holidays

Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc Across US

( – Intense cold and single-digit temperatures accompanied Christmas across much of the US. In addition to the frigid air, strong winds and winter storms struck many areas of America, stranding travelers and creating havoc for power companies and emergency personnel.

Chaotic winter weather plagued Americans from the Great Lakes near Buffalo, New York, to the southern border with Mexico. Water blowing inland from lakes blanketed homes, restaurants, cars, and roads with inches of ice, freezing doors shut, sometimes with people inside. In addition, multiple feet of snow created another layer of danger on the streets.

On Tuesday, December 27, NBC News reported a death toll of at least 60 across the US due to the winter storm just before the holiday. That number was reportedly expected to increase. By Wednesday, the outlet reported that the death toll in Erie County, NY, alone, which was hit hard by the storm, had risen to 34.

Roads weren’t the only form of transportation affected. On December 26, Southwest Airlines canceled over 70% of its flights due to storm issues, while other airlines experienced a much lower cancellation percentage, causing the Department of Transportation to criticize the business.

On Tuesday, December 27, more than 100 military police and law enforcement officials headed to Buffalo to help local authorities enforce a city driving ban. During the two-day ban, workers hoped to clear at least one lane on each road throughout Buffalo to help emergency services respond quickly to those in dire situations.

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