Woman Accused of Killing Boyfriend for Financial Gain

Photo by Adam Nir on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – A 47-year-old woman in North Dakota has been accused of murdering her boyfriend shortly after he was informed he would receive large inheritance. The police arrested Ina Thea Kenoyer on Monday claiming that her actions were financially motivated.

According to the Minot police, Kenoyer used antifreeze to murder Steven Edward Riley Jr., 51, believing he intended to break up with her after receiving the inheritance. According to reports, Riley had fallen sick during a meeting on Sept. 3 with his lawyer, when he was supposed to get the inheritance.

The following day, Kenoyer called 911, which led to the paramedics reaching the scene only to find an unresponsive Riley. The man was then transported to a local medical facility and then the Bismarck hospital where he died a day later on Sept. 5.

After an autopsy, it was determined that Riley’s cause of death was poisoning.

A report on KMOT-TV noted that investigators had found in the home a glass cleaner bottle that did not have the cap on, as well as a mug and beer bottle that had residence of what is suspected to have been antifreeze.

During a court appearance, Kenoyer claimed that she was innocent. The woman is facing charges for murder which is a class AA felony in North Dakota. The bond for her release from Ward County Jail has been set to one million. She is also representing herself in court according to the court records.

She further stated that as Riley’s common-law wife, she had the right to some of the inheritance and that she would be splitting the money, which she estimated to be around $30 million with Riley’s son. However, common-law marriages are not recognized in North Dakota.

More recent reports revealed that Riley’s family believes he and Kenoyer were scammed. According to Riley’s son Ryan, Riley received an email from a supposed lawyer about a “distant relative” whose money was meant to go to him. Ryan said that alleged lawyer never showed up.

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