Woman Accused of PUSHING Child Into Lake – This Is Despicable

Woman Suspected of Pushing Child Into Lake

Woman Suspected of Pushing Child Into Lake

(ConservativeHub.com) – Relatives are often the best babysitters because they know the child well and sometimes even watch the youngsters free of charge. Yet sometimes, they turn out to be nightmares. In Michigan, a 34-year-old aunt is now facing charges after allegedly throwing her three-year-old nephew into Lake Michigan.

On Monday, September 19, Victoria Moreno, 34, took her nephew out of his grandmother’s care when she left the room to change. According to reports, the aunt brought him the water at the Navy Pier in Chicago and allegedly shoved him off the dock. Bystander Ashton King heard a splash and called 911 after she saw the boy’s head bobbing up and down in the water.

During the early afternoon incident, the aunt reportedly stood near the water but did nothing to save her nephew. Police eventually pulled the child from the water after the boy had spent at least 20 minutes in the water, but he went into cardiac arrest and is on life support at the Lurie Children’s Hospital. According to WTTW News, Assistance State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said it’s unlikely the youngster will survive.

Moreno is now facing one charge of attempted murder and one charge of aggravated battery of a child, both felonies in Illinois. Shaken by the incident, King begged people to take action if they see something wrong, according to CBS News.

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