Woman Accused of Threatening Judge Who’s Involved in Trump Case

Woman Accused of Threatening Judge Over Trump Case

Disturbing THREATS Reported – Suspect Arrested!

(ConservativeHub.com) – A woman is in federal custody after allegedly making threatening phone calls to Judge Aileen Cannon, who ruled in favor of President Donald Trump’s request for a special master to review materials the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago. A criminal complaint stated the accused left three voicemails for the judge, which led to charges for influencing a federal official by threat and making interstate communications with a threat to kidnap or injure.

The complaint filed with the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas on September 6 said Tiffani Shea Gish identified herself as Evelyn Salt and claimed to be a government employee in the messages.

An FBI Special Agent explained the suspect left the messages on September 1. Gish reportedly said both the judge and former President Donald Trump were “marked for assassination” and leveled threats of harm against Cannon for assisting Trump. According to the agent, she accused Cannon of obstructing justice and threatened to shoot her in front of her children. Gish also allegedly said she sent a bomb and snipers to the judge’s home.

Agents connected the phone number that made the calls to Gish. They also found her Facebook account, which contained language similar to that in the voicemails. Additionally, the Secret Service previously suspected the woman of threatening the former president.

Gish admitted to agents who visited her home on September 4 that she left the messages and the phone number belonged to her. She also confirmed the Facebook account the agents found was hers.

The suspect has a history of mental illness, which her mother confirmed to the FBI., according to a KHOU report. A federal judge ordered a forensic psychologist to conduct a competency evaluation and set a competency hearing for her on September 13.

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