Woman Allegedly Assaulted Young Pro-Life Volunteer

Woman Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Pro-Life Volunteer

Pro-Life Supporter ATTACKED – Suspect Charged!

(ConservativeHub.com) – The US Supreme Court’s recent decision on abortion handed back the decision to the states regarding the procedure’s legality, causing unrest between pro-life and pro-choice advocates. An incident in Kansas saw a woman attacking a volunteer from Students for Life of America (SFLA) for simply providing information about a new ballot initiative.

On July 31, 18-year-old Grace Hartsock was canvassing a neighborhood in Leawood, Kansas. She stopped at a home where an older lady politely declined to offer her support for the Value Them Both amendment. But as the volunteer was leaving the property, a younger woman came running out of the house, shoved the teen, and began hitting her. The 37-year-old attacker also shouted at her, saying she hoped she would get raped or hit by a car.

Hartsock didn’t suffer any physical injuries, but the incident rattled her. She made a police report, and the unnamed suspect was reportedly arrested and now faces assault charges. The teen told Students for Life she wasn’t surprised that someone who supports the deadly act of abortion would resort to violence.

The Value Them Both amendment would have changed the state constitution to allow legislators to create a new abortion law. SFLA had been working on getting the word out about the bill and potentially bringing more supporters to the polls, but voters defeated the measure on August 2.

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