Woman Claims She’s Had Bizarre Experiences in New Mexico Home

Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Rene Valdez who has claimed she and her son have had odd experiences in their home decided to contact the home’s previous owners after her son informed her that he had seen a haunting presence. She told Inside Edition that her son had said that he could see a man wearing an old hat that would peek from the home’s bathroom.

Valdez then proceeded to talk to the previous owner on Facebook who had replied saying that she was expecting her to reach out. The previous owner then claimed that her own son had also seen a man with a hat, which was identical to what Valdez’s son had described. She said the similarity in these stories was “weird.”

Valdez also said that she would hear throughout the day a number of unusual and unexplained sounds. For example, she said there is an unconnected doorbell that will always ring at night, their Alexa device frequently states that there are calls from inside the house, and a camera in the basement “caught the chairs sliding across the floor.”

However, above everything else, what Valdez finds the strangest is the reaction that her cat “Ruth” has. She said her cat constantly “sees things” in the bedroom, interrupting and following her, and that she doesn’t like when Ruth puts her ears back in response.

Valdez claimed that whatever it is, she feels like the space belongs to it more than to her as it had been there before them. However, she said she plans to stay despite the odd occurrences.

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