Woman Decries Bail Organization After Tragic Crime

Woman Decries Bail Organization After Tragic Crime

(ConservativeHub.com) – According to its website, The Bail Project is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to “prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system” by helping pay the bail of alleged criminals. However, some people have recently questioned the organization’s procedures, especially after the pending felons for whom it posted bail murdered others after their release.

On October 1, Travis Lang allegedly shot and killed 24-year old Dylan McGinnis. According to reports, McGinnis was with a friend who was involved in a drug deal when Lang shot him. Before the incident, police had Lang in custody for multiple felony charges. However, The Bail Project helped spring Lang in January 2021. When McGinnis’ mother, Nikki Sterling, heard the nonprofit helped Lang get out of jail while awaiting trial, she was furious. She began raising awareness about the organization.

This report from Fox News has more details on the story:

Sterling told Fox News Digital that The Bail Project isn’t just helping people who shoplift or get speeding tickets, but “supporting violent offenders” who, sadly, commit violent attacks, including murdering innocent people, soon after their release.

Dylan McGinnis’ death wasn’t the first caused by someone released by bail fund groups. Consequently, Americans and lawmakers have been looking into what types of offenses judges should consider granting cash bail options to and who legally should be able to pay them. Texas legislators even introduced a bill earlier this year to restrict non-profit bail organizations.

Do you think there should be tighter rules for charitable bail fund groups?

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