Woman Dies From Injuries After Bread Machine Mishap

Woman Dies From Injuries After Bread Machine Mishap

Bread Machine DISASTER – A Woman Is Dead!

(ConservativeHub.com) РA typical day at work took a tragic turn for a 44-year-old mother in Selma, North Carolina, on May 3. Virginia López Severiano was cleaning an industrial mixing machine when she became trapped. WRAL reported she remained stuck in the machine for about 90 minutes while emergency rescue workers tried to free her.

Selma fire chief Philip McDaniel explained it was a “tedious” process to free the woman. They had to almost disassemble the machine, according to WNCN. Authorities explained about half of the woman’s body was inside the piece of equipment. Once they could get her out, they had to airlift her to Duke University Hospital because her injuries were so severe. Unfortunately, she passed away later in the evening.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) authorities will investigate the incident at Azteca Market. McDaniel told WRAL the machine was turned on when Severiano was cleaning it.

WRAL reported that Severiano’s daughter, Miriam Amado-Lopez, posted on Facebook that her mother was a kind and funny person, and “the best mother a girl could have.” She explained her mother migrated to the US to provide a better life for her family. She called her the “backbone” of her family. There is a GoFundMe set up to provide support for Severiano’s loved ones after this unexpected loss.

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