Woman Eats Soap Thinking It’s Food

Woman Eats Soap Thinking It's Food

(ConservativeHub.com) РHand soap used to be quite boring. Green or white bars were the norm, but today’s soaps have a variety of colors and designs. Sometimes, they may not even look like soap, which can be confusing, or at least, it was for one shopper.

In one of the strangest stories of late 2021, Jackie Gansky was with a friend at Lush, a cosmetics company that also sells bath and body products. While browsing, she spotted a tray with small pink samples on it. Thinking it was a free treat, she picked one up and took a bite as a shocked associate looked on.

Quickly, Jackie realized her mistake. She spit it out, and the associate rushed to help her throw it away.

Luckily for everyone who wished they had seen the incident unfold, her friend happened to be filming, and Jackie had no shame in sharing it on TikTok. The video shows her coming upon the sample tray and biting into a piece. Then, the camera pans to the stunned associate, looking on with wide eyes as his jaw drops. Everyone bursts into laughter at the absurdity of the situation, and Jackie shakes her head at her silly mistake.

Many commenters wondered why she thought the samples were anything but soap, given what Lush sells. However, plenty of commenters joined in the fun by sharing a few awkward stories of their own.

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