Woman Finds Out Dark Secret About Family’s Past

Woman Finds Out Dark Secret About Family's Past

Woman Makes MURDER Discovery – A Dark Family Secret

(ConservativeHub.com) – People often say real life is stranger than fiction. One woman’s life in Turkey took a horrifying turn when, during a fight, her older sister blurted out she wasn’t their father’s real daughter. The Sun reported on May 17 that Berrin N learned her mother had an affair, and she was the product. If that wasn’t enough of a shock, she found out the man she thought was her dad killed her biological father.

The story sounds like something from a soap opera, but it’s Berrin N’s reality. Her mother, who died years ago, never told her the truth about her parentage. The 49-year-old woman only found out after her sister spilled the beans.

Mahir A, the man she thought was her father, learned she wasn’t his daughter when she was around nine years old. He became suspicious that his wife was having an affair, and when he found the man involved, Mustafa Uyanik, he killed him. Mahir also tried and failed to kill Berrin’s mother, Fatma. He then surrendered to the police and did time in prison for the murder.

Now, Berrin is suing Mahir for denial of lineage. The court ordered a DNA test, which proved the story was true. She also filed a paternity suit against Uyanik and is requesting the court exhume his body for a paternity test, according to a May 17 report from the Mirror.

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