Woman Helps Police Capture Phone Scammer

Woman Helps Police Capture Phone Scammer

(ConservativeHub.com) – Scammers often prey on seniors because they think they are easy to fool, but one criminal found out the hard way that isn’t necessarily true. A savvy Long Island grandmother taught him she wouldn’t let anyone pull the wool over her eyes.

On January 20, Jean (last name withheld) said she got a call from a man who said he was her grandson. He claimed he was in jail for a DUI and needed money for bail. The problem was Jean that doesn’t have a grandson who is even old enough to drive. She knew something fishy was going on right away, but she wasn’t about to let the scammer get away.

Jean played into his game for a few phone calls. Eventually, someone claiming to be her “grandson’s” lawyer called demanding $8,000 to get him out of jail. That’s when she made her move and told him he could come to her house to get the money.

The criminal fell for Jean’s scam. She handed him an envelope filled with paper towels, which he thought was money. Thinking he had succeeded, the man walked away… into police custody. Jean had alerted them before the man’s visit.

Joshua Estrella Gomez now faces charges for attempted grand larceny. And Jean gets kudos for stopping him from scamming anyone else.

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