Woman Killed and Buried On Beach

Woman Killed and Buried On Beach

(ConservativeHub.com) – A recent murder in Brazil showcased how evil some people can be towards others. On December 3, authorities in Santa Catarina found the body of Amanda Albach buried within the Irapirubá Norte de Laguna. A man who said he killed the 21-year-old led them to the area.

The unnamed suspect admitted to the murder after his arrest for drug charges. He said another man and women were also present during the crime.

Albach had attended a friend’s birthday party in Florianópolis on November 15. It was the last time anyone saw or heard from her. She sent her parents a message that evening letting them know she would be in Fazenda Rio Grande in the morning. After that, nobody spoke to her again.

The unnamed suspect said Albach took a photo of him with a gun and sent it to others. She also reportedly told people he was a drug trafficker, prompting the murder. Of particular note is that he said he made the young woman dig her own grave before he shot her in the head twice.

Not hearing from her, Albach’s family reported her missing, sparking the search that led to the arrest of the three suspects and admission of guilt. Officials continue to investigate, but there is no record of any charges in the case so far.

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