Woman Says She Misgendered Flight Attendant Before Getting Booted From Flight

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – A woman from Texas has claimed that she and her family members were kept from boarding a flight after she misgendered one of the flight attendants.

Jenna Longoria, took to X and Instagram to share a number of videos in which she narrated the incident. In addition, she spoke to Fox Business about the incident. She claimed it took place before she boarded a flight with her mother and her 16-month-old son. According to Longoria, she was attempting to board her flight from San Francisco to Austin and was talking to a flight attendant. The attendant, she said, didn’t want to let her pre-board with her son at first, but eventually gave in. However, she said that when she used the wrong pronouns, the attendant was visibly upset. She explained that she later approached another attendant for help and was scolded for misgendering the person.

Longoria claims that she apologized and that she did not have a lot of experience with pronouns. She said during that time, she had been holding her son, who was in the middle of a “temper tantrum,” and also carrying the car seat. She added that her only focus was on ensuring the seat got on the flight so she could make her son comfortable. However, the flight attendant who took issue with her misgendering another allegedly told her to step off the plane and had her wait for assistance after she apologized and requested help with her son.

The United staff, she alleged, accused her of a “hate crime” and even told her that the airline might ban her completely from flying with them. She said she was then escorted by a United Airport Operations supervisor, who informed her that the captain had decided that she and her family could not board the flight. 

United has not confirmed that Longoria and her family were removed from the flight over a misgendering incident. In a statement, the company noted that a group of three had been denied getting on board after a “discussion about having too many carry-on items.” The airline said that the issue was ultimately “resolved” and the family was able to board a later flight.

Longoria argued that this explanation was “bewildering,” asserting that she carried the same amount of carry-on baggage when heading to San Francisco as she did on the return journey. 

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