Woman Steals Own Daughter’s Identity

Woman Steals Own Daughter's Identity

(ConservativeHub.com) – Stolen identities can lead to a range of issues for victims of the crime. Nobody expects their mother to do something so horrific to them, but that’s precisely what happened to a 22-year-old from Arkansas.

For two years, Laura Oglesby lived under the identity of her daughter Lauren. Authorities took her into custody after tracking her down in 2018. After the now-48-year-old admitted to her crime and entered a plea deal for identity theft and Social Security fraud, she faces five years in prison and has to pay her daughter restitution.

When she was 45, Oglesby lived with her daughter in Arkansas. She left the state to move to Missouri, where she assumed her daughter’s identity in 2016 by obtaining a fake Social Security card. She enrolled in classes at Southwest Baptist University, received student loans, racked up large amounts of debt, dated young men, and presented herself as a 22-year-old.

She spent some time living with Avery and Wendy Parker. The couple took her in when she was in a women’s shelter. They believed she was as young as she said and wanted to help her. Oglesby acted and dressed as if she were barely out of her teens without anyone questioning her age.

When caught, she tried to deny her real identity, but the truth eventually came out. She told officers she was fleeing from a domestic violence situation.

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