Woman Wins $10 Million in Lawsuit Against Walmart

Woman Wins $10 Million in Lawsuit Against Walmart

(ConservativeHub.com) – It’s incredible how just a few seconds can change the rest of someone’s life. Thankfully, few of these life-altering moments occur amongst the aisles of Walmart. Yet, a South Carolina jury just awarded a woman $10 million after a rusty nail on the floor of her local superstore led to her losing a limb.

In June 2015, April Jones stepped on a rusty nail in the main aisle of a Florence, South Carolina, Walmart. After multiple foot surgeries and infections, doctors had to amputate Jones’ right leg above the knee to keep the infection from spreading.

The New York Post shared a photo of Jones, her family, and her legal team on Twitter:

Under cross-examination during the trial, a Walmart expert confirmed the rusty nail caused Jones’ injury. Her lawyers said she’ll use the $10-million award to pay for medical expenses, buy a prosthetic, and make her house more handicap-accessible.

While $10 million and a rusty nail may seem small to a major corporation like Walmart, it will make an enormous difference in Jones’ life. Having the financial freedom to get the medical assistance she deserves after this freak accident will allow her to live the rest of her life to its fullest, even without a complete right leg.

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