Woman Wins Massive Prize Through Work Gift Exchange

Woman Wins $175,000 Through Work Gift Exchange

(ConservativeHub.com) – When people participate in a White Elephant exchange, everyone brings a different gift around the same monetary value, and attendees take turns unwrapping a new present or stealing an already opened one from someone else. During the Harmon Dental Center holiday party for employees in Louisville, Kentucky, the festivities got a little extra thrilling when the office manager and treatment coordinator won the lottery jackpot.

On Wednesday, December 14, Lori Janes, mother of two, first chose a $25 TJ Maxx gift card at her work’s gift exchange. However, in line with the game’s rules, a coworker took that card from her and forced her to pick a new gift. So, she chose $25 in Kentucky Lottery scratch-off tickets.

After the game wrapped up, Janes began scratching off her prize. To the amazement of both her and her coworkers, she won $50 on the first ticket. But, when Janes kept scratching off the others, she learned she’d won the top prize of $175,000.

People nearby double-checked her numbers on the Kentucky Lottery app and confirmed she was the jackpot winner. After taxes, she received a check for $124,250 that she plans on using to pay off car loans and her daughter’s student loans.

This fun lottery story came after this year set a new record for the largest jackpot ever of $2.04 billion from a ticket sold at a gas station in California in November. While the chances of winning this big are even smaller than one in a million, for that one person, it was certainly life-changing.

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