Woman’s Ex-Husband Kills Her Boyfriend and Then Himself Outside Hospital

Woman's Ex-Husband Kills Her Boyfriend and Then Himself Outside Hospital

(ConservativeHub.com) – Romantic entanglements can drive people to do some awful things. For some, when these relationships come to an end, they decide to take action — sometimes even lethal action. A tragic incident along these lines occurred recently just outside of a hospital in Mission, Texas.

On Wednesday, November 3, a woman working at the Mission Regional Medical Center set up a meeting between her ex-husband and new boyfriend to talk about the love triangle that had recently developed. However, the woman’s ex-husband allegedly shot and killed the younger man at the meeting place before turning the gun on himself. The woman immediately called the police, and first responders rushed both men to the Emergency Room, where doctors pronounced them dead.

The New York Post shared news of the tragic incident:

The hospital issued a temporary lockdown after the shooting, but investigators have not released any more information about the situation. However, looking forward, Mission Police Chief Robert Dominguez highlighted there are certainly “other ways to deal with these types of situations” than taking the lives of those involved.

Hopefully, the woman involved in this tragic story can process through the traumatic events of this week and find hope and healing in the coming months. Only by working through and processing these experiences can people hope to prevent them from happening again or to someone else.

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