Women Take Legal Action Over Jail Assault Allegations

Lawsuits Filed Over Jail Assault Allegations

Prison ASSAULT Allegations Reported – Over Two Dozen Women Come Forward!

(ConservativeHub.com) – More than two dozen women housed as former inmates at a jail in Southern Indiana filed federal civil lawsuits against officials at the institution over sexual assault and harassment they reportedly suffered. They allege that in addition to allowing male prisoners the freedom to commit the acts, employees did nothing to stop them. The petitions ask for punitive and compensatory damages for the plaintiffs’ physical and mental suffering.

The former prisoners allege an employee, former corrections officer David Lowe, sold access to the facility in October 2021, allowing male inmates to commit the crimes against the women. He allegedly opened the female pod to let the attacks begin.

According to WTHR, a local news outlet in Clark County, Indiana, filings said inmates from the men’s quarters directed threats at the females and assaulted them in the hours-long blitz. The women were helpless to fight back. Despite surveillance and clear video evidence of what was happening, no other employee intervened to stop the situation.

Plaintiffs have named Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel and several other department members Named as defendants in the cases. The plaintiffs believe Noel failed to provide the necessary employee supervision and accuse the other officers of failing to render aid or protect them.

Beyond the civil cases, Lowe also faces criminal charges for the incident, including trafficking and misconduct. His trial date is November 1.

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