Women TARGETED – The Taliban Is at It Again!

Taliban Reportedly Bars Women From Certain Fields of Study

Taliban Reportedly Bars Women From Many Fields of Study

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Taliban made plenty of promises when the United States pulled out of Afghanistan, and the terrorist organization took over quickly. One was to refrain from suppressing women despite their history of doing so. But it seems the cabal violated that specific vow. Reports have emerged suggesting they’ve ripped girls out of schools, instituted strict hijab laws, and taken steps to remove women from various positions of power. The latest move reportedly bans women from studying certain subjects in college.

The Taliban decided to allow women who have already graduated from high school to continue their education. Still, this new ruling means many have no choice in what they can study because leaders have blocked them from pursuing many paths.

Reports say officials declared many areas of study, such as economics, geology, journalism, engineering, and agriculture, too complex for women. They say the ruling protects women from subjects that might be too harsh for them.

Female students reporting to take entrance exams discovered they could no longer do so in their chosen subjects. One woman told CBS News she was upset but went through the exam process because her family had already supported her education for 12 years, and she didn’t want to disappoint them by quitting. For many, learning they had wasted time preparing for a specific career path only to find themselves banned from pursuing their dreams comes as a crushing blow.

This revelation comes just days after the US unveiled new sanctions on Taliban members due to their oppression of women. News outlets reported that Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on other governments to stand against the group as well.

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