Work Halted at Construction Site Over Human Remains Discovery

Work Halted at Construction Site Over Human Remains Discovery

Construction HALTED After Human Remains Uncovered!

( – Construction work requires a lot of digging, which can unearth some interesting items. At a site in Florida, a crew uncovered human remains, halting their whole project. The company was building an upscale community when workers made the discovery. Detectives and a team of anthropologists from the University of South Florida went to the scene to conduct a search in hopes of finding the remaining skeletal parts.

The workers came across a femur bone that medical professionals determined was human on July 18. The project is in the Toscana Community, located in Flagler County. According to a report from Fox13, Sheriff Rick Staly explained after investigators took over, they were able to find two femurs and fragments of other bones. He noted it appears to be just one body.

The report says Staly noted that the area is about the size of a football field, so it will take a while to completely clear. The group, comprised of anthropologists and law enforcement, is using specialized equipment to ensure they find all remains left in the area and don’t miss anything. The sheriff did not release an expected timeline for the recovery process.

Officials don’t yet know who the deceased individual is, but investigators are using missing person reports to consider potential identities. Authorities will stay at the site until securing a valid ID.

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