World Leader Survives Assassination Attempt, Reports Suggest

World Leader Survives Assassination Attempt, Reports Suggest

( – The unrest in Haiti continues. Things have been unsteady in the country since before the July murder of President Jovenel Moise, and now reports say another assassination attempt almost claimed another of the country’s leaders.

AP News reported that on January 1, Prime Minister Ariel Henry had to flee an event celebrating the country’s independence after gunfire broke out. Henry was in Gonaïves when unidentified individuals tried to kill him. His office released information about the assassination attempt on January 3.

The gunmen allegedly tried to circumvent Henry’s security to get closer to him as he left a church ceremony. They also began threatening the bishop of the religious entity while surrounding the building.

Police issued warrants for the suspects and managed to secure the site of the assassination attempt. TeleSUR reported the gunmen were members of a Raboro street gang.

Henry was able to get away quickly without any injuries. Unfortunately, at least one person died, and multiple injuries occurred due to the gunfire.

Because of the incident, the PM was unable to complete the ceremonial activities of the day. This marks the second time he has had to miss this event due to violence, the first occurrence having taken place in January 2020.

Could the attempt on his life have been retaliation for his strong stance against gangs and promises to take swift legal action to clear the streets of these violent criminals?

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