World Powers Commit to Avoiding Nuclear War in New Statement

World Powers Commit to Avoiding Nuclear War in New Statement

( – The fear of nuclear war may not be on the minds of Americans every day, but it’s a real risk. There are five countries with significant weapons stockpiles that could bring a war of mass destruction upon the world. It’s through mutual agreements that we manage to avoid this fate. With the release of a joint statement, the five superpowers reached an accord to stave off a nuclear war.

The United Nations Security Council’s Announcement

The US, Russia, France, the UK, and China comprise the five nuclear powers and are permanent United Nations Security Council members. They attempted to reduce the chances of a nuclear war with the January 3 declaration. The countries came together to state their intentions to avoid conflict and slow the production and spread of nuclear weapons.

The accord seeks to affirm nuclear war should never occur because it creates an unwinnable situation. The five nations confirmed there is only a need to have these weapons for defense and deterrence. The statement recognized specific security threats coming from some countries and the nations’ rights to protect their people’s security.

Also, the members committed not to allow the spread of these weapons and move toward ending the nuclear arms race. They pledged to keep the dialogue open and maintain respectful relationships.

The Background

The declaration came amid US concerns over rapid growth in China’s nuclear weapons cache. The US pushed for more oversight of China after the Asian nation allegedly tested hypersonic missiles in July and August 2021. The delivery platform was more advanced than anything the US has, which increased worry about the country and led to debates in Washington about arms control. It also increased tensions between the two nations.

China was dismissive of the concerns, highlighting the bigger nuclear stockpiles held by both the US and Russia. Officials added if China were to enter talks about the issue, Russia had to be involved because the Chinese government refused to engage solely with the US.

Hopefully, China’s entry into this 2022 agreement indicates its readiness to scale back on its aggressive rhetoric. Diplomats believe the communist nation is aware of the risks of nuclear war and will commit to working with the other members of the UN Security Council to prevent it.

Do you think China will honor the commitments it’s making concerning nuclear proliferation?

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