World Powers Speak Out On Iran’s Nuclear Plans

Saudi Arabia Steps Forward Against Iran Nuclear Situation

( – The United States entered into the Iran nuclear deal in 2015 along with the four other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany. Former President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the agreement in mid-2018, citing concerns that Iran consistently violated its terms.

Last week, Iran met with representatives from the countries who remain parties to the agreement. The Biden administration negotiated with Iran indirectly through its Security Council partners.

However, this progress seems to have fallen apart after Iran accused Israel of sabotaging one of its key nuclear facilities. Iran followed up that accusation with the announcement it plans to start a program to enrich uranium to a purity level of 60%.

Saudis Call for More Restrictive Agreement

On April 14, Saudi Arabia expressed concerns over that development, indicating it would not consider such a move to be a part of a peaceful program. Additionally, its foreign ministry called on the international community to reach a new agreement with Iran that included stricter controls.

Saudi Arabia isn’t the only nation concerned about Iran. The United Kingdom, Germany, and France, all signatories to the Iran Nuclear deal, spoke out and stated that Iran’s decision to enrich uranium at 60% paves the way for nuclear weapon production.

The Biden administration’s Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, called Iran’s action “provocative” and stated Washington had concerns. Let’s hope President Biden adopts Donald Trump’s “America First” position on the matter before it’s too late.

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